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Introduction to Digital Marketing

Basics of Marketing
What is Digital Media Marketing?
Why Digital Media Marketing
Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
Benefit of Digital Marketing
Career in Digital Marketing

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?
How the Search Engine Works
Google Search Architecture
Basics of Website
The important elements of website
Website Ranking
Introduction to Google Web Master
Search Algorithm
Search Analysis
External Links
Introduction to Keywords
Keywords Research
Importance of Keyword
Search Algorithm
Key Words Analysis
SEO Plugins
SEO Reports


Keyword Research with Google
Keyword Planner
How to Selecta Domain Name?
Page Naming (URL Structuring) and Folder Naming
Image Naming, Image Title
ALT Tags Creation
What are Meta Tags?
Country Robots
Keywords Author
Redirection Tags
Headings Tags {H1toH6}
What is Content Writing?
SEO Friendly Content Writing (Inserting keywords in content)
Anchor Text, Link Title
Robots. Text files use and creation
HTML Site map creation
XML Site Map Creation
Site Tracking Tools
What is Alexa?
Alexa Integration


What are Back links?
Why Back links are Important?
How to get Back links?
Difference Between Do-Follow, No-Follow Back links
What is Google Page Rank?
How to Increase Page Rank?
Search Engine Submissions
Directory Submissions
Article Writing and submissions
Press Release writing and submissions
Blog Posting and comment writing
Classifieds posting
Forum Posting
Business Listing
Social Bookmarking
Social Networking
RSS Feeds

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Introduction to Paid Marketing
Google Ad Words account and billing settings
Types of Campaigns
PPC Campaign Setup
Ad Groups and Keywords setup
Bidding strategies
Ad Rank, Quality Score
Ad Groups and Keywords setup
Bidding strategies
Ad Rank, Quality Score
Ad Words Ad Formats
Ad Extensions
Shopping Campaigns
Dynamic search campaigns
Display Ads Campaigns
Remarketing campaigns
MobileApps marketing
Video Marketing
Ad Words tool &Conversion tracking

3. Social Media Optimization (SMO)& Social Media Marketing(SMM)

Introduction to Social Media
What is Social Media?
Benefits of using SMM
Social Media Statistics
Social Media Strategy
Impact of Social Media on SEO
Facebook account setup
Personal account properties
Facebook Business page setup
Facebook marketing strategy
Competition analysis
Cover photo designing
Increase the Likes to page
Page management options
Types of Posts and Statistics
Dimensions in Posts
Creating a post strategy
User engagement metrics
Facebook Insights
Face book Groups
Integration FB in Site

Facebook Adverts

What is Facebook Adverts?
Types of Promotions
Audience Targeting
Advanced Audience Targeting
Bidding Strategies
Ad Formats
Ad Dimensions and Rules
Remarketing Strategy
Conversion Tracking


Benefits of Google+ in SEO
Creating Profile
Managing Connections
Creating Google+ Page
Types of Pages
Content Strategy and Statistics
Posting on Google+
Increasing the Reach and Followers
Linking Google+ with Site
Google+ Badge Integration
Google+ Groups


What is LinkedIn?
Benefits of LinkedIn Network
Create a LinkedIn profile
Optimizing the profile
Skills and Endorsements
Recommendations in LinkedIn
Creating new connections
Posting content in profile
LinkedIn Groups
Finding Jobs in LinkedIn
Creating company page
Customization of page
Posting in LinkedIn Page
Advertising in LinkedIn


What is Instagram?
Instagram statistics
Creating Instagram Account
Tour of Instagram App
Content strategy and Tips
Picture Dimensions
Using Hash tags
Popular Brand son Instagram
Advertising options in Instagram


What is Pinterest?
How brands use Pinterest
Creating a Pinterest Account
Customizing the Profile
Pinterest Strategy
Boards in Pinterest
Pins and Links
Generating Engagements
Integrating Pinterest in Site
Engagement Metrics for Pins
Pinterest Analytics


What is Video Marketing?
Statistics of Video Marketing
Creating Channel in YouTube
Create video marketing strategy
Viral video examples
Upload the first video
How to optimize the video
Custom settings in videos
YouTube Engagement Metrics
Increasing Subscribers
Annotations and Cards
How to use Playlists
Understanding copyrights
YouTube Studio
YouTube Analytics


What is Twitter?
Account Setup in Twitter
Twitter tour
How to use twitter
Twitter Following
Twitter for Business

4. EMAIL Marketing

Introduction to Email Marketing
Setting up Email Marketing
Effective Email Content
Creative Content Design
Customer Engagement Strategy

5. Inbound Marketing

Introduction to Inbound Marketing
Various ways to build reach through Digital Marketing
What are Engagement Magnets?
How to identify right set of engagement magnets for your business?
Effectiveness of various Engagement Magnet
Digital Reach Building Strategy through Inbound Interest Generation

6. Web Analytics & Reports

What is Analysis?
Analysis Vs Intuition
Introduction to Google Analytics
How Google Analytics works?
Accounts, Profiles and Users
Basic Metrics
Google Analytics Reports

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