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Digital Marketing Interview Questions And Answers

what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the brand marketing tactics through the internet. It includes various techniques like SEO, SEM and link building.
How can you categorize the digital marketing?
The digital marketing/communication is categorized into two segments
Inbound Marketing: This techniques takes the help of social media, digital content in e-books, webinars or e-newsletter to increase the number of clicks on links and learn more about a company and its services.
Outbound Marketing: This segment includes placing ads, cold-calls, e-mails or reach out potential customers through digital mediums

what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization widely known as SEO is the process of improving the structure, content and organization of your site, so that the Search engines can index them correctly. It also involves doing promotional activities to boost your search engine rank.

what is a keyword in digital marketing ? How important is it from the point of SEO?

“Keyword” in digital marketing is the word that a user’s or person enters into a search engine to find specific information.
From SEO point of view, for better page ranking keywords are very crucial. How and where you have used the keywords will reflect your site ranking.
what are the key areas where you can use keywords to optimize the site ranking?
For better page ranking, you must use the keywords in following areas
Keyword in Website URL
Keyword in Website Title
Keyword in Meta tag
Keyword in Web page content
Keyword density in body text
Keywords in Headlines

what is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is the single most popular PPC advertising system in the world. It works on Pay per click model.
The AdWords platform enables the business to create ads that appear on Google search engine and their other properties.
what is an effective PPC keyword should be like?
An effective PPC keyword should be
Relevant : List out the targeted keywords
Exhaustive : Apart from most popular keywords it should include the “long tail of search”
Expansive: PPC is iterative, therefore the keyword list should be constantly growing and adapting

what gets entered into a Google Account?

Once the advertisers determine the keywords that they want to bid on, Google will enter a keyword from your account which is most related into the auction with the maximum bid specified as well as the associated ad.

what is Google Quality Score?

Google’s quality score determines how beneficial and relevant your ad is to the user, based primarily on your ad’s CTR, quality of your landing page and keyword relevance. Higher quality score keywords will save your money and earn better ad ranking.

what is an ad group in Google Adwords?

Ad group is a container of your keywords, advertisements, and landing pages. Google rewards advertisers who prepare Adword campaigns with tightly structured ad groups. Its not advisable to include all your keywords into the single ad group, but to organize keywords into themes.

Mention some of the Google Adword Ad Extensions?

Different ad extension can enhance the increase in traffic. Some of the common Ad extensions used in adwords are

Call Extensions
Location Extensions
Social Annotations
Seller ratings
Mobile app extensions
Offer ads
Communication Ad
Review extension
Image and drop down navigation Ad extension

Mention in google Adwords that options can’t be changed after creating an account?

After creating account Currency and Time Zone, cannot be changed.

How you can improve conversion rates?

By creating ads that match properly with keywords and create tightly themed ad groups, you can target users to the campaign that helps in conversions.

what is the limit set for the number or characters for Adwords ad?

Limit for Adword is

Description line 1st : 25 characters
Description line 2nd: 35 characters
Destination URL: 1024 characters

No images are allowed in URL.

what is the meaning of CTR and how you can calculate?

CTR stands for Click through rate that tells the number of visitors visited on your ad on the web page. The formula for calculating CTR is

Number of click / Number of impressions X 100

These will give you an answer in percentage like what percentage of customers have viewed your ad.

what are the type of Keywords?

There are no specific types for Keywords however they are classified on the basis of how likely is going to be clicked by visitors

Research Keywords: It tends to contain one or two words – Tea
Consideration: It tends to contain two or three words – Green Tea
Purchase: It must have more than three words – buy loose green tea
Loyalty: This must be shorter- Starbucks

what is Google Ad API?

Google Ad API is designed for representing large, tech savvy advertisers and third parties. It allows developers build an application that directly interacts with Google Adwords server.

what all things can be done using Google Ad API?

With Google Ad API, you can build an application that can do following things

You can automatically generate keywords, ad text, custom reports and landing pages
Develop additional applications and tools to help you manage accounts
Synchronize Adwords data with your inventory system to manage campaigns based on stock

How you can track conversions in Google Adwords?

In Google Adwords, conversion tracking can be done in following ways

Tracking purchases by involving basic tracking code provided by Adwords and modifying it with additional code unique to your particular e-commerce platform
View-through conversion window options tracks when a person sees your ad but does not click it (impression)
By enabling your ad rotation setting to optimize for clicks, meaning that Adwords will serve the ads it feels are likely to be clicked
By accessing search funnels inside tools and analysis, you can also know when customers clicked on your ad for the first time and how frequently they saw your ad before converting.

what are the other two options for bidding other than CPC?

Other than CPC the other two options are CPM (Cost per Thousand Impression) and CPA ( Cost Per Action ).

what is PPC or Pay Per Click advertising?

Pay Per Click also known as Cost Per Click, is a technique used to direct traffic to websites. In this technique, advertisers pay the publisher ( website owner or host of the website) when the ad is clicked. In other words, it is the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked.

what are the key elements to optimize the conversion rates per PPC?

Conversion rate is nothing but to bring more visitors to your site. To increase the conversion rates you have to focus on following things
Write compelling content on your site that is relevant to the keyword or search query
Maintain a high degree of relevance between your ads and corresponding landing pages
The webpage should easy registering process, signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase
Check design of your landing page which should have right combination of color, layout and GUI to attract more customers

what are the primary models for determining Pay-Per-Click ?

The primary models for determining Pay-Per-Click are
Flat rate PPC :
In this type of model, both publisher and advertiser agree to a fixed amount that will be paid for each click. In most time, the publisher has a rate card for PPC plan based on different areas of their website or network. The amount varies as per the content that generally attracts more or less people.
Bid based PPC :
In this type of model, the advertiser competes with other advertisers in a private auction hosted by a publisher. The advertiser will inform publisher for the maximum amount of bid he is willing to pay.

What should be the approach for effective Pay Per Click campaigns?

For effective Pay Per Click campaign, you need to do following things

Add more PPC keywords: By adding more keywords that are relevant to your business, you can expand the reach of your pay per click
Split Ad groups: By splitting up your ad groups into smaller and more relevant ad groups, you can improve click-through-rate (CTR)
Review costly PPC keywords: Review expensive and under performing keywords
Refine landing page: To align with individual search queries modify the content and call-to-action of your landing page
Add negative keywords: To improve campaign relevancy and reduce wasted spend, add non-converting terms /negative keywords. ( When search with that keyword, it will not show your website/content)

List out some of the useful online marketing tools?

Some of the useful online marketing tools are
Google Analytics
Digital point keyword tracker
Crazy egg heat maps
Keyword discovery
XML Sitemap Generator
Favicon generator
SubmitExpress Link Popularity

what is on-page and off page optimization?

Off page optimization: It is the process of boosting your search engine ranking by getting external links pointing back to it
On page optimization: On page optimization directly deals with the content and structure of the website.

What one should do to avoid the penalty?

Do not link to any other site with bad page rank
Avoid Poison words, for example word “link”, when you hypertext this text to give the link to your site it becomes poison words
Avoid stealing text or imagesfrom other domains
Avoid re-directing users to another page through refresh meta-tags – don’t immediately send user or visitors to another page even before he or she clicked on the web page link
what are the characteristics of “bad links” ?
The characteristics of “bad links” are
Links from sites that are unrelated to your sites
Links from low Page Rank and Low traffic
Links from link exchanges
Links from those sites that are not in Google index
Paid links
Link from the same anchor texts coming from multiple sites