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Informatica Data Quality Course Content

Introduction​ ​of​ ​Data​ ​Warehousing

  • Introduction to data warehousing concept, what is the role of data warehousing.

Concepts​ ​of​ ​Data​ ​Quality​ ​and​ ​its​ ​Importance

  • Learning about data quality concepts:
    a) Completeness
    b) Conformity
    c) Consistency
    d) Duplicates
    e) Integrity
    f) Accuracy

Informatica​ ​Data​ ​Quality​ ​Architecture​ ​Overview

  • Overview of architecture of Informatica data quality and components involved in it.

Informatica​ ​Installation​ ​and​ ​Configuration

  • Overview of Informatica configuration and services:
    a) Model Repository Service
    b) Data Integration Service
    c) Analyst Service
    d) Profile Service
    e) Admin Activities

Life​ ​Cycle​ ​of​ ​Informatica​ ​Data​ ​Quality

  • Learn about roles and activities of Business Analyst/ Data Steward and IT Developer in
    Data Quality lifecycle.

Profiling​ ​data

  • Learn how to do profiling and various types of profiling techniques.
    a) Column Profiling
    b) Mid-Stream Profiling

c) Primary Key Profiling
d) Join analysis Profiling

Data​ ​Quality​ ​Scorecarding

  • Overview of collaborating profiling results with scorecarding. How to create, view and
    edit scorecard.

Reference​ ​Data

  • Creating new reference data and importing from flat file and relational data.


  • Overview of standardizing data using multiple approaches. It helps to maintain
    consistency across the project.

Deduplication​ ​Process

  • Creating process to eliminate duplicates from the source data using Key Generator,
    Match and Consolidator Transformations.

Labeling​ ​and​ ​Parsing

  • Overview of labeling and parsing data using character set and tokens.

Exceptional​ ​handling

  • Configuring Bad Record/Consolidation exception transformation. Editing the DQA tables
    as a part of the Analyst tool. Recycling records using Exception transformation.

Address​ ​Validator​ ​Transformation

  • Configuring AV transformation using the CMS. Setting the properties in AD50.cfg file.
    End to End scenario featuring the AV transformation.

 Match​ ​Transformation

  • Configuring the Keygen transformation and Match. Understanding the various strategies
    as a part of the classic Match transformation.

Data​ ​Quality​ ​Transformations

  • Usage of All Data Quality Transformations in a customer scenario

Analyst​ ​Tool

  • Overview of analyst tool for creating profiling, scorecarding and sending notifications to

Developer​ ​Tool

  • Overview of Developer tool for creating Project, Folder, Mapping, Mapplets, Data
    Objects, Creating connections and Data Viewing.


  • Overview of Parameterization at mapping level and workflow level

Running​ ​mapping​ ​and​ ​workflows

  • Overview of running mappings and workflows from developer tool, admin console and