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Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s application platform for the public cloud. The goal of this article is to give you a foundation for understanding the fundamentals of Azure, even if you don’t know anything about cloud computing.

Azure is growing all the time so it’s easy to get overloaded. Start with the basic services, which are listed first in this article, and then go on to additional services. That doesn’t mean you can’t use just the additional services by themselves. But the basic services make up the core of an application that runs in Azure.

The Components of Azure

Azure groups services into categories in the Azure portal and on various visual aids like the What Is Azure Infographic. The Azure portal is what you use to manage services in Azure.

This article uses a different organization to talk about services based on similar function, and to call out important sub-services that are part of larger ones.

Azure portal

Azure has a web interface called the Azure portal that allows administrators to access and administer Azure features and services.


One of the most basic things a cloud platform does is execute applications. Each of the Azure compute models has its own role to play.

You can use these technologies separately or combine them as needed to create the right foundation for your application. The approach you choose depends on what problems you’re trying to solve.

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Microsoft Azure

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