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Q.What is servicenow?

ServiceNow is a cloud based ITSM tool. Please check the below url before attending a service-now interview.

Q.What do you mean by term “Application” in servicenow?

Application is a group of modules which provides its related information.For example change application provides the information related to change process. It consist of modules like create change ticket,view change tickets etc.

Q.What is the latest servicenow user interface and when it was released?

The latest user interface is UI14 interface.It came in Eureka release

Q.What is full form of CMDB ?

Configuration Management Database

Q. What is CMDB Baseline ?

CMDB baselines helps to understand and control the changes that have been made to a configuration item(CI) after its Baseline has been created. Baseline is the snapshot of a CI

Q. How to enable or disable an application ?

Navigate to “Application Menus” module under system definition application.Open the respective application that require to be enable or disable.Set active as true to enable it or set active to false to disable it

Q. What is a view ?

View defines the arrangement of fields on a form or a list. For one single form we can define multiple views according to the user preferences or requirement.

Q. What is ACL?

An ACL is access control list that defines what data a user can access and how they can access it in service now.

Q. What do you mean by impersonating a user? How it is useful?

Impersonating a user means that you can log in to the system as that user and can have feel how the service-now UI is set for that user.This is very useful while testing.For example if you are required to test that a user can access change form or not.You can impersonate that user and can test instead of logging out from your session and logging again with that user credentials.

Q. Which is the Parent table for incident,change and problem ?

Task table

Q. What is a record producer ?

A record producer is a type of a catalog item that allows users to create task-based records from the service catalog.For example you can create a change record or problem record using record producer. Record producers provides an alternative way to create records through service catalog

Q. What is dictionary override?

Dictionary Overrides provides the capability to override several properties of a field in extended table.For example change table is extended from task table.There is a field named status in task table and set as read-only.When we use this field in change form it will show be a read only.We can set this to non-read only by using the dictionary override.Similarly there are other properties that can be set for the fields in extended table.

Q. What do you mean by coalesce?

Coalesce is a property of a field that we use in transform map field mapping.When we set the coalesce as true for a field mapping it signifies that this field will work as unique key.If a field match is found with the coalesce field, then existing record will be updated with the imported information in target table else a new record will be inserted into the target table

Q. What is an UI policy?

UI policies are alternative to client scripts.It can be used to set a field as mandatory, readonly and visible on a form. You can also use UI policy for dynamically changing a field on a form.

Q. What is a data policy?

Data policy checks the mandatory and read-only of a field whenever a record is inserted or updated through a web-service or import set.For example: If a mandatory field in the incoming record (from import set or web-service) is empty then the data policy will not allow to insert that record into the table.

Q. What is difference between UI policy and data policy ?

UI policy acts when a record is inserted or updated through a servicenow UI i.e servicenow forms while data policy acts whenever a record is inserted or updated into database through any means.

Q. What is a client script?

Client script sits on the client side(the browser) and run there only.types of client script are OnLoad() OnSubmit() OnChange() OncellEdit)

Q. How can you cancel a form submission through client script?

In the onSubmit function return false. function onSubmit() {

                     return false;


Q. What is a business rule?

Business rule is server side scripting that executes whenever a record is inserted, updated, deleted, displayed or queried.The key thing to keep in mind while creating a business rule is that when and on what action it has to execute. You can run the business rule ‘on display’, ‘on before’ or ‘on after’ of an action (insert,delete,update) is performed.

Q. Can you call a business rule through a client script

Yes you can call a business rule through a clientscript by using glideajax

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Q. What is a gliderecord?

Gliderecord is a javaclass that is used for database operations instead of writing SQL queries.

Q. What do you mean by data lookup and record matching?

Datalookup and record matching feature helps to set a field value based on some condition instead of writing scripts. For example:on Incident forms, the priority lookup rules sample data automatically sets the incident Priority based on the incident Impact and Urgency values. Data lookup rules allow to specify the conditions and fields where they want data lookups to occur.

Q. What is an update set?

Update set is a group of customization.It captures the customization or configuration changes made by a user and then these update sets can be moved from one instance to another. For example if we made some configuration changes in our development environment and want same changes in our test environment then we can capture all the changes in an update set and can move this update set to the test environment instead of doing changes manually in test environment.

Q. What is a sys_id?

A unique 32-character GUID that identify each record created in each table in servicenow

Q. What is LDAP Integration and its use?

LDAP is Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.It is used for user data population and User authentication. Servicenow integrates with LDAP directory to streamline the user log in process and to automate the creation of user and assigning them roles

Q. How to set a field unique on table

Go to that respective field dictionary and set the unique check box to true.

Q. What is data dictionary?

Data dictionary defines every table and field in the system. It contains information about a field’s data type,default value, dependency, and other attributes

Q. What happens when a user make some changes the homepage ?

When a user make some changes on the homepage then that pages is saved as his personalized homepage instead of updation on the actual homepage.For example home page name is Incident overview.When a user make some changes on it then this page is saved as My incident overview and is only visible to that user.

Q. What role you are required to create/update ACL?


Q. How you can check on which servicenow instance node you are working ?

Goto SystemDiagnostic -> Stats. Statistic page will be open where you can get the details of node and the instance on which you are working on

Q. How to enable or disable the pie chart labels

To enable or disable the labels in pie chart we need to set the property glide.ui.chart.pie.labels to true or false.

Q. What is installation exit?

Installation exits are customizations that exit from Java to call a script before returning back to Java. Navigate to System Definition > Installation Exits. Some installation exit names (Login, Logout, ValidatePassword, ExternalAuthentication) are reserved and cannot be changed. Other installation exits can override these with custom script that replaces the script in the default installation exit.

Q. What is import set?

Import Sets is a tool used to import data from various data sources and, then using transform map, map that data into ServiceNow tables. The Import Sets table acts as a staging table for records imported.

Q. What is transform Map?

A transform map transform the record imported into servicenow import set table to the target table. It also determines the relationships between fields displaying in an Import Set table and fields in target table

Q.What do you mean by Foreign record insert?

A foreign record insert occurs when an import makes a change to a table that is not the target table for that import. This happens when updating a reference field on a table.